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Fleet and Equipment

Our modern fleet and equipment assets provide our workforce the tools they need to do their jobs safely and efficiently. A strategic approach to fleet management and access to additional resources from Centuri Power Group companies ensures that we are right-sized and scalable for any project. Our fleet is extensive and continues to expand.

Our Fleet Includes:

  • Manlifts – Aerial manlift equipment up to 125-foot, backyard machines, and insulated/non-insulated booms.
  • Excavators –  Excavation equipment ranging from mini excavators to large backhoes, trenching machines, and heavy excavators.
  • Truck Cranes – Ranging from small 5-ton units to larger 40-ton units, including rough terrain cranes up to 90-ton units.
  • Accessories – Wide range of stringing equipment and required accessories, from hard-line pullers to wind-up conductors and tensioners.
  • Digger Derricks – Digger Derricks up to 105 feet and mini backyard machines for tight spacing.
  • Energized Equipment – Insulated hydraulic line lifters that support energized work on lines up to 500kV. This equipment can support single or bundle conductor in a vertical or horizontal configuration.