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National Powerline supervisor talking to a worker while a substation is hoisted in the background.

Leadership and Commitment

National Powerline Safety Commitment

At National Powerline, our top priority is the safety of employees, customers, and the general public. National Powerline pledges to pursue the continuous improvement of safety practices and cultivate a world-class culture where safety, health, and mental wellbeing are fundamental values throughout all our business areas.

We commit to upholding rigorous safety standards that encompass regulatory and customer requirements, as well as industry best practices, and we will benchmark our performance against recognized standards in our market segments. Proactively, we will provide an environment that enables employees to meet safety standards, empowers them to stop unsafe work, and encourages them to participate in our pursuit of improvement.

We believe that everyone is personally responsible for safety, and fostering ownership of this responsibility at all levels of the organization begins with our CEO and senior leaders, who have committed to investing in the resources necessary – including personnel, training, and technology – to fulfill this commitment with a robust and effective health and safety management system.

Above all else, it is the intent of National Powerline that all employees return home safely every day to their families and loved ones, and that is a value that will never be compromised by any other.