National Powerline has experience constructing transmission lines up to 500kV. Our transmission experience ranges from bundled conductor installation, lattice structure erection, wood-to-steel conversions and unground transmission cable installation up to 230kV. We can also support rebuilding and upgrading of existing infrastructure while the line remains in service to help meet our customers operational demands.

Transmission Service Offerings:

  • Energized Services
  • Tower Erection
  • Conductor Installation
  • Inspection Services
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Relocation
  • Helicopter Work
  • EPC Projects


We have extensive experience working on overhead and underground electric distribution systems. As a trusted alliance partner for many of our utility customers, we have the labor and resources to tackle any distribution project ranging from aged conductor replacement, EPC ground line inspection pole replacement program management and construction, wood-to-steel conversions, underground cable installation, and much more.

Distribution Service Offerings:

Overhead Construction & Maintenance
Underground Construction & Maintenance
Underground Trench & Conduit
Underground Substructure & Equipment Installation

Underground cable installation & replacement
Joint Use/ Make Ready Work for Communication Infrastructure
Voltage Conversion Projects
Overhead and Underground Equipment Installation & Replacement

Underground cable diagnostic assessment, refurbishment and rehabilitation services
EPC Projects


Our Substation group has extensive experience in substation construction up to 500kV. National Powerline has the capabilities to construction substations from site preparation to energization and commissioning. We can also support scheduled substation maintenance and upgrade of electrical equipment.

Substation Service Offerings:

Substation upgrades
Testing & Commissioning
Structure Installation

Foundation Construction
Below Grade Trench and Conduit
Cable Installation

Buss Work
Control House Installation


National Powerline’s energized services team can support our utility customers by maintaining, upgrading, and rebuilding powerlines up to 500kV while ensuring that there are no interruptions in power delivery. We can support these energized services by employing a high skilled labor force trained in the required techniques and by utilizing specialized tools and equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.

Energized Service Offerings:

Insulator Replacement
Structure Repair or Replacement

Structure modifications
System upgrade

Structure hardware repair or replacement


We offer a full range of distribution and transmission engineering services. Our engineers can support large capitol projects, new overhead or underground circuits, ground line inspection pole replacements, or provide utility engineering support to relieve extensive workload to aid in annual operational initiative execution and completion.

Engineering Service Offerings:

Distribution Engineering

  • Ground Line Inspection (GLI) Pole Replacements
  • New Feeder Circuits
  • Conversion Projects
  • Equipment Installation/Replacement
  • Reliability Services
  • Reconductor Projects
  • Joint Use/Make Ready Services
  • Voltage Upgrade Projects
  • PLS CADD Design

Transmission Engineering

  • Structure Replacement
  • PLS CADD Design
  • Reconductor Projects
  • Complete Circuit Analysis
  • Conversion Projects


National Powerline prides itself on offering industry leading services to our clients. We employee highly experienced personnel that can support our customers in many aspects of project management which include but are not limited to:

Quality Assurance Inspectors
Quality Control Inspectors
Engineering Management

Program Management
Project Management
Construction Management
Project Controls

Document Controls
Procurement Management


Natural and man-made disasters in the United States cause a myriad of issues and impacts to our utility partners and to the communities to which they serve. Picking up the pieces of shattered lives and homes is devastating. While National Powerline cannot repair the emotional damage, we can mitigate the effects of adverse natural and man-made disasters by providing a highly organized, swift and expeditious response force to assist our utility partners in restoring power and bringing a sense of hope within the community that help is on the way.

National Powerline’s response provides our utility partners with the help they need after a major incident. Our ability to act quickly and effectively in response to fast-moving, deadly situations offers tremendous support to our many industry partners and to our fellow citizens.

Powered by our parent company, Centuri Group, Inc., National Powerline is able to leverage the full breadth of our organizational power both from labor and equipment perspective to ensure that our utility customers in need are given the support they need to assist in restoring power to the communities in need.