Tow National Powerline workers in a lift working on a Powerline


Our mission is to be an industry leader in transmission and distribution electrical contracting services – providing the highest standards of safety and quality, a best-in-class labor force, and the resources to meet our customers’ most complex expectations – while fulfilling our role as a responsible employer and member of the communities we serve.

In pursuit of this mission, we have cultivated a business culture that values above all safety, quality, compliance, teamwork, and relationships.


National Powerline is committed to serving our markets for the long term. In building a lasting business, we are guided by the six principles of our Sustainability Framework in everything we do.

Infographic featuring a "Think Ahead" headline in the center and several hexagons around around that headline. Each hexagon is a different color and highlights different aspects of National Powerline's Sustainability Framework

Safety is What We Stand For.

The safety of our employees and the communities where we work is our first priority.

Quality is What We Leave Behind.

Combining our expertise and resources, we do things right, ensuring that projects are on time, meet stringent standards, and endure for the communities they serve.

Employees are Our Lifeblood.

A highly-trained, experienced, and diverse team of employees is the most valuable asset in ensuring our success. Our commitment to safety is matched only by our commitment to our employees—their careers, their families, and their futures.

Community is Who We Serve.

We are part of the communities where we work. By promoting supplier diversity, hiring locally, and fostering charity, we strengthen those communities.

Economy is a Long-term Investment.

We are investing in our business to last for the long term, strategically leveraging our scale to continuously deliver for customers.

Environment is Our Home.

A restrained impact is central to a resilient environment. National Powerline is committed to avoiding the unnecessary degradation of air, land, and water systems in the communities where we work. We challenge ourselves, and those who work alongside us, to reduce our carbon footprint.


We pride ourselves on the long-standing customer relationships that we’ve built on the foundations of trust and performance excellence. In fact, we’ve been serving our very first customer for nearly 30 years.

Diagonal collage of a mix of National Powerline sites and employees