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Now and for the Future.

While every project has its own unique objectives, each shares one thing in common:  a National Powerline standard built on proven systems, collaboration, forward thinking and sustainability.

Renewables/Transmission – Desert Center, CA

  • Constructed collections systems and Generation-Tie (Gen-Tie).
  • Installed 12.3 Miles of 230KV bundled conductor.
  • Installed 92 linear miles of Hendrix Insulated Aerial Conductor.
  • Project completed without injury, under budget and on time.

In the summer of 2015 this site was hit by tornado that lifted the glass solar panels and sent them flying through the air, causing severe damage to the Hendrix Insulated Arial Conductors. Under our maintenance agreement, National Powerline immediately responded and assessed the damage. Following our assessment and subsequent engineering evaluations, National Powerline mobilized and replaced a number of spans totaling 3.2 miles of the damaged conductor.

Renewables/Distribution – Blythe, CA

  • Engineered, procured and constructed total 34.5kv collections system. (EPC)
  • Overhead and underground 34.5kv system from PVCS’s to Substation, with numerous transitions.
  • Installed 64 linear miles of Hendrix insulated aerial cable installation.

NextEra experienced some outages at this site due to 34.5kv termination failures on UG to OH transition poles.  Having installed these terminations, National Powerline immediately responded by replacing the cables that experienced termination failures and performing testing all remaining cables to ensure reliable service for our customers.  This was a $448k lesson for us, and an investment in NextEra