LEED Gold Certification for Glen Harbor Facility

Centuri Construction Group, Inc. is proud to announce that its new regional operations facility in Glendale, Arizona, has received LEED New Construction Gold level certification. The 50,366 SF building serves as an office and warehouse for the Arizona operations of NPL Construction Co. and National Powerline. During construction, the team adhered to a strong indoor air quality management plan to keep contaminants out of the building and enhance indoor air quality immediately upon occupancy. The project strategy also focused on the use of sustainable and low-emitting materials, including low VOC paints, adhesives, flooring, composite wood products and furniture systems to further this goal. Energy efficiency is paramount for the facility, which utilizes a building management system, LED technology and an integrated photovoltaic system that provides 28% of the building’s energy use. The company will save thousands of dollars over the useful life of the facility through the installation of low-flow plumbing fittings and fixtures. This strategy alone will provide 32% reduction in the water budget and usage which is particularly important in the desert southwest region. Upon receiving LEED certification, Centuri Construction Group President and Chief Executive Officer Paul M. Daily stated, “We are proud of our LEED Gold certified operations center in Glendale, and of our ability as an organization to live out our Sustainability Framework guiding principles of Safety, Quality, Employees, Community, Economy and Environment.